11 Things to Consider When Subdividing and Developing a Site

If you own a large piece of land, splitting it in two and selling one half or both and making a significant profit sounds like a simple concept and a great way to make money. While the logic in subdividing land for profit is compelling, there are also significant risks that need to be assessed before you lay down your hard-earned cash.


There are many reasons why someone might consider subdividing their site. Releasing equity in their existing house, making a little extra cash, reducing mortgage stress or just to make money. The concept of carving off a little bit of land behind your house and selling it to someone else sounds pretty simple. Many people do it, so why not you? I can guarantee it is not as simple as you think. Yes it can be done, but it will cost money and you will take on the risk if you undertake this process. Now if you want to consider this journey, and I haven’t sent you packing in fright, read on.