7 Important Questions to Ask Builders

The stage at which you seek quotes from builders can be both exciting and daunting. For many homeowners, it’s a very stressful and confusing stage of the building process as they wade further out of their depth in an effort to select the ‘right’ builder.

The ‘right’ builder will be different things to different people, however the high-priority considerations are generally the cost of the project, quality of work and the builder’s reputation.

Unfortunately there are a few sneaky strategies that some builders use to mislead clients to secure projects. With a better understanding of how the game is played, you will be better positioned to identify and avoid the ‘smoke and mirrors’, and ultimately enjoy a smoother and less stressful build, with far less risk of experiencing budget blow-outs.

However, none of this knowledge will be useful unless you are willing to ask the right questions and accept that you may need to look beyond the cheapest cost to find the ‘right’ builder.