Construction progress is well under way.

Structures on the new second floor is complete.

check this out:

Let’s go up, shall we?

image 3


image 5


image 7

image 2

Future skylights above alfresco area:

image 6

view up from alfresco!

image 10


Stay tuned there is more to come!

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Construction Progress – Surrey Hills Addition

Melbourne finally turned on the sunshine for the official start of summer. This set the perfect seen for us to sneak out and take a look how our latest Surrey Hills addition is coming together.

Sub-floor down was a great start, now trying to get steel in by Christmas!





Despite our unseasonable Melbourne weather, construction progress is going well!

Steel is up…starts to take shape!!






Two weeks ago, we have posted photos of slab poured… click here !










Construction progress is well under way with our new Alterations/Additions project in Armadale.

Slab is poured, Swimming pool is built with polished concrete coping and the brickwork and framing is well under way in the race to lock-up by the end of the year. The builders from Ascot Group are doing a great job to keep the project on track.












Three months have already passed by since our last visit and the guys on site continue to do an exceptional work. well done!!

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Follow the Journey of an Owner Builder: Permits, Plumbing, Preparation for Fit Out

Over the course of the next few months, Sketch Building Design will be following the journey of an owner builder.
We will to take you step by step through each stage of the build, providing you with valuable insight into the process of building your home.
Follow us on this journey, and if you have any questions along the way contact us here.


  • The restump (see previous post) was carried out on a separate permit, which is provided by the company.
  • If at this stage you don’t already have your building permit, no problem – no permit is required to have the plumbing and electricity installed within the existing house. Take advantage of the open floors while you can.
  • It is a 6-8 week wait for an Owner Builder Certificate through the VBA (Victorian Building Authority), so be sure to submit the application well in advance so that the building process is not delayed.
  • You will need your plans ready to be submitted for your Owner Builder Certificate, which will then be sent over to the building surveyor for the building permit. Your building permit will need to be authorised by a private building surveyor.

    As an owner builder, the only thing you will have to do is obtain the Owner Builder Certificate. The plans and building permit can be taken care of by Sketch Building Design.

certificate of consentFor more information on becoming an owner builder, visit the VBA website. Or you can download the Application Kit here.

permit stamp
Now that we have the building permit, we can begin work on the extension.



Now that the plumbing and the electrical has been installed to the sub-floor, the flooring can now begin. We are using foil board Super 15mm insulation to the under floor which are fitting snugly between joists.




The Yellow Tongue 19mm flooring arrives

IMG_3666Daryl from Driptech Plumbing (0413 823 441) begins the work on the stormwater for the new downpipe locations and new sewer for the ensuite.

IMG_3668Line marked out ready for the excavator for the trench


IMG_3677The pipes are in, ready for the inspector. Tomorrow will be back fill.



Backfilling and levelling of site



Clearing for the extension



Back fill completed, cleaned up and levelled out.



As part of the Owner Builder, you will need to get your hands dirty and be the labourer. As you can see below, the owner is taking off the architraves of the existing residence in preparation for the carpenters.








Blairgowrie Beach Beauty

We recently had the pleasure to photograph our latest completed Alterations and Addition, a weatherboard home nestled comfortably within the Victorian bushland of the Mornington Peninsula. Now a nine bedroom getaway, the existing six bedroom home transformed significantly with little disturbance to the quiet country street scape.

Blairgowrie Exterior-Evening

Blairgowrie Interior-1The ground floor rumpus room was pushed forward from the existing layout, capturing picturesque views of Victorian bushland. A void above for visual interest, and large North facing sliding doors with direct access to the expansive deck outside.
Blairgowrie yDeck

Views of the luscious Victorian landscape over the the new deck surrounding an existing tree, now a central feature to the addition.

IMG_1129Blairgowrie Interior Upper-4

Above: Before and after of the same view of the downstairs living area. Originally completely closed off as separate spaces, now one can view the living area from upstairs kitchen and meals. With the double height extension over the living, it is now bigger, brighter and the two spaces feel far more connected.


Blairgowrie Interior Upper-2

Above: Before and after of the same view back towards the upstairs kitchen. The existing wing was widened to accommodate a larger kitchen and dining, with North facing panoramic views to Blairgowrie beach. One can see, in the original image, the balustrades allowing visual access to the downstairs living, now with a double height ceiling to connect the two spaces to create an expansive space and contemporary open plan living.


Blairgowrie Interior Upper-1

Above: Before and after of the view towards the upstairs balcony from kitchen. It was overwhelmingly beautiful, surrounded completely by views to the beach and the Victorian landscape.

Blairgowrie Interior Upper-3 Light Detail

Blairgowrie Interior Upper-5

The upstairs balcony, extending out from northern wing with views of Victorian bushland and the beach.


Blairgowrie yEvening Exterior-Night1

Before and after of the same view of the steps from outside of living area descending to the backyard. Completely transformed, the rear façade now has a grand presence warmed by the beautiful deck and the featuring of the existing tree.

Blairgowrie yExterior-Night 1

The new double storey wing to the right with North facing views to the beach, encloses and protects the decked area.

Blairgowrie yExterior-Night 2

It’s amazing to see how a few design changes to an existing layout has transformed this typical weatherboard, beach-side residence into a bright, contemporary and spacious holiday getaway.

Pint-Sized Additions That Unleash Their Home’s Potential

A common goal of a renovation project is to gain more space for your family, but try this on for size: you probably don’t need that large extension you’ve been imagining – as these small homes and their even smaller additions prove. By getting an architect on board, you may well be able to find ways to rearrange and better use your existing spaces. Then, all you’ll need is a pint-sized addition like these…

Construction Progress – Elsternwick 2 Addition

Construction is underway for a new Elsternwick Addition.

See the progress photos below:


pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

Houzz Tour: Terrace Reaches New Heights With Second-Storey Extension

The owners of this Elsternwick abode sought to convert the existing one-bedroom Victorian terrace into a bright, comfortable and contemporary home, large enough to accommodate themselves and their two young children.

According to designer Andrew Brown from Sketch Building Design, the main emphasis was to design a space that created a sense of openness within the tight size constraints, and to also take advantage of the available natural light. In order to realise this vision, increasing the size of the small living zone was a must, as was a second storey – not to mention a complete overhaul to the colour palette and outdoor areas. “It was in liveable condition, but the colours and lack of natural light created a dark and cold interior,” says Andrew in regards to the original home.

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