10 Outdoor Lighting Options and How to Make Them Work for You

The garden at night is a world away from its prosaic daytime self, a place of mystery and excitement, of intrigue and entertainment. At least, it is if it’s done right. Garden lights should tantalise rather than dazzle – too much light and the atmosphere is lost, too little and, well, anything you put down gets lost. Creating the look you’re after is simply of matter of planning, and of putting the right light in the right place. Whether you fancy a glittering scatter of lights or mysterious glowing pools of light, there’s a lighting solution out there for you.

Material Ideas: Accoya

A 50 year above ground and 25 year inground lifespan means Accoya is equally as durable as our greatest Australian hardwoods (Ironbark, Spotted Gum, Tallowood) but without the movement issues these timbers experience.

Accoya is initially Radiata Pine, which is modified with concentrated vinegar and a high pressure process that alters the cell structure. The finished product is incapable of retaining moisture which results in a very predictable exterior timber that does not buckle, crack or twist like traditional timbers when used outside.

Fully recyclable, non toxic and FSC Certified, Accoya is popular for use in extreme areas, such as coastal or in the mountains, where a timber’s integrity is fully tested. Available in set lengths, it is able to be moulded to any profile right here in Australia.


Accoya is increasingly being used for cladding, decking, windows, doors, screens, structure and joinery.

Sketch uses Mathews timber, check out their range at the following link:



For more information on the performance and benefits of Accoya, visit their website here.


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