With sleek contemporary clean lines this new home in Elsternwick has it all. We have created a family home with some stunning spaces, vaulted ceilings and extensive indoor/outdoor living zones. This house has it all!


Construction of this new family home is complete.

It’s always a great feeling to see the final result!

check the pictures below!




Renovation Complete for Bentleigh Residence

We are proud to share with you the finished product of this Bentleigh Residence … check it out!


Rose Street 2


Rose Street 3


Rose Street 10


Rose Street18


Rose Street 6


Rose Street 8


Rose Street 14


Rose Street 16


Rose Street 17


Rose Street 20

6 Features to Consider When Designing a Coastal Home

My story is similar to many who have chosen to relocate or invest in property by the ocean – whether it be a home, holiday retreat or a place to retire. The coastal environment is spectacular, beautiful and at the same time harsh, unforgiving, windswept and corrosive. For this reason, it is important to think carefully about the design features you hope to magnify in your coastal abode, including what materials you plan to use to achieve them. The design must first and foremost be built to last and endure the salty environs, but it should also serve to create the next generation’s seaside memories. Here are some favourite design features that top my list.

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10 Ways Passive Solar Design Can Slash Your Energy Bills

Why pay for energy when you can get it for free? Not everyone has access to full northern exposure but if you have any access to some northern sunshine, it makes sense to cut your energy bills by harnessing the power of the sun. Here are 10 tips to design or renovate your home in a way that makes the most of passive solar principles.


Construction Progress: Edithvale Residence

This new home down near the beach in Edithvale is well under way, with most of the structure already up.

The client is wrapped with its progress so far, a mere six weeks into construction. The roof should be going on this week, and the hope for completion by Christmas seems pretty realistic at this stage.




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Barwon Beach Vibes

With the smell of salt in the air, we arrived just before sunset and waited for the builders to finish their final touches. A brand new build, designed to capture the stunning southern views of the golf course from the living spaces upstairs.

The pop up ceiling with its highlight windows bring in so much light, and with views all around, it’s hard not to feel a connection with the beautiful landscape outside.

Standing from the northern deck upstairs, we especially love the way the view from panorama windows are again framed by the glass sliding doors. A delicious palette of colours, too: the warmth of the timber, the cooler blue of the axon cladding and the luscious greenery beyond.

West Elevation

West Elevation

North Elevation

North Elevation

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