Escape Hunt Experience (escape game)

Last Thursday, we left our pencils, computers & mouse and phones unattended for an afternoon off.

We headed to ‘Escape Hunt Experience’ in Melbourne for an escape game.

Rules: players locked in a themed room with objects and decor, and must search for clues; solving puzzles to escape before time runs out, resulting in being locked in FOREVERRRRRR!!



Celebrating Birthday and Farewell

Last Friday, Sketch team were gathered to celebrate 2 events.

Toasting Andrew’s 40th birthday and sadly but with a big happy smile, wishing Dana all the best of luck for her new adventure.

Blairgowrie Beach Beauty

We recently had the pleasure to photograph our latest completed Alterations and Addition, a weatherboard home nestled comfortably within the Victorian bushland of the Mornington Peninsula. Now a nine bedroom getaway, the existing six bedroom home transformed significantly with little disturbance to the quiet country street scape.

Blairgowrie Exterior-Evening

Blairgowrie Interior-1The ground floor rumpus room was pushed forward from the existing layout, capturing picturesque views of Victorian bushland. A void above for visual interest, and large North facing sliding doors with direct access to the expansive deck outside.
Blairgowrie yDeck

Views of the luscious Victorian landscape over the the new deck surrounding an existing tree, now a central feature to the addition.

IMG_1129Blairgowrie Interior Upper-4

Above: Before and after of the same view of the downstairs living area. Originally completely closed off as separate spaces, now one can view the living area from upstairs kitchen and meals. With the double height extension over the living, it is now bigger, brighter and the two spaces feel far more connected.


Blairgowrie Interior Upper-2

Above: Before and after of the same view back towards the upstairs kitchen. The existing wing was widened to accommodate a larger kitchen and dining, with North facing panoramic views to Blairgowrie beach. One can see, in the original image, the balustrades allowing visual access to the downstairs living, now with a double height ceiling to connect the two spaces to create an expansive space and contemporary open plan living.


Blairgowrie Interior Upper-1

Above: Before and after of the view towards the upstairs balcony from kitchen. It was overwhelmingly beautiful, surrounded completely by views to the beach and the Victorian landscape.

Blairgowrie Interior Upper-3 Light Detail

Blairgowrie Interior Upper-5

The upstairs balcony, extending out from northern wing with views of Victorian bushland and the beach.


Blairgowrie yEvening Exterior-Night1

Before and after of the same view of the steps from outside of living area descending to the backyard. Completely transformed, the rear façade now has a grand presence warmed by the beautiful deck and the featuring of the existing tree.

Blairgowrie yExterior-Night 1

The new double storey wing to the right with North facing views to the beach, encloses and protects the decked area.

Blairgowrie yExterior-Night 2

It’s amazing to see how a few design changes to an existing layout has transformed this typical weatherboard, beach-side residence into a bright, contemporary and spacious holiday getaway.

Sketch Now on Instagram – Featuring Blairgowrie Photoshoot

Last Thursday we went down to Blairgowrie for the photoshoot of this beautiful alterations and addition.

The photos below are from our new Instagram account. Connect with us to see more!

Blairgowrie 2

Natural light pouring through the highlight windows above

Blairgowrie 3

A picture perfect view, perfect for relaxing.

Blairgowrie 4

What a view! The sun setting over the luscious Victorian landscape from the upstairs balcony.


Stay tuned for the professional photos, plenty more to come.

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Happy New Year from the Team at Sketch!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, the team here at Sketch are excited for this year’s upcoming projects. We look forward to working with you in 2015!