Brighton Duplex

This long, yet narrow site in Brighton was ripe for development. Dividing it down the middle, we created two narrow townhouses, each large enough for a growing family. The client wanted to maximize ground floor space and push the boundaries of Bayside’s strict schedules.

With the width of the site being only 13.70m, it immediately presented us with a number of challenges. With the professional guidance of Keen Planning, the building’s footprint was maximized with large encroachments to side setbacks. This enabled us to create two large bedrooms to the first floor.

Walls built to the boundaries on the lower level resulted in a very generous amount of space for the family zones. Clever kitchen design integrates a walk in pantry which is central to the layout of the home –  a main factor in the design brief.

The angled canopy roof and balconies create a striking façade which uses a mix of glass, render and timber to enhance the contemporary nature. The large floor to ceiling glazing to the rear provides great outlook and integration to the rear courtyard.

The project required a Full Town Planning Permit (By Keen Planning) and Building Permit.