Surrey Hills Addition

This semi-detached residence in Surrey Hills has been transformed into a light filled space to accommodate a growing family.

The original layout was uncomfortably, small and dark. While the front of the house was to be retained, a new open plan family zone to maximise the amount of natural light was central to the client’s brief.

The new design opens out from the original narrow hall to a wonderfully light, large open area at the rear. The pop-up roof with highlight windows on north, east and western walls take maximum advantage of both direct and indirect natural light; the lofted ceiling accentuating the client’s desire for an open and spacious addition.

The large, timber stacker doors open up the interior to outside, with views to the back garden create a great relationship with the outdoors. The juxtaposition of the recycled red brick with the timber give the home warmth; the original, large brick wall a nice and subtle reminder of the existing residence beyond.

The addition of a grand bathroom with access to the master bedroom make this a smart, usable space for the entire family.

The project required a Building Permit and challenging Build Over Easement Permits.