LED Strip Lighting Ideas For All Around The House

1. Step up. Sydney, NSW

2. Beam me up. Auckland, NZ

3. Hover craft. Sydney, NSW

4. Lit. London, UK
5. Floating ceiling. Wollongong, NSW

6. Kitchen confidence. Auckland, NZ

7. Mirror magnificence. Sydney, NSW

8. Lights, camera, action. Sydney, NSW

9. Corner stones. Perth, WA

10. Rise up. Sydney, NSW

11. Framed. Sydney, NSW

12. Significant spaces. Melbourne, Victoria

13. Undertones. Sydney, NSW

14. Set the scene. Melbourne, Victoria

15. Levels of light. Auckland, NZ

16. Shelf life.
17. Show the way. San Francisco, USA

18. Display show. Austin, USA

19. Climb higher. Phoenix, USA
20. Round we go. Sydney, NSW

21. Stairway to heaven. Hampshire, USA