Picture Perfect: 45 Ideas for Bathroom Mirror Style and Placement

1. Above the ledge. Melbourne, Victoria
2. Back at you. Toronto, Canada
3. On the horizon. Frankfurt, Germany
4. Window-style. London, UK
5. Side stripe. Moscow, Russia
6. Different strokes. Melbourne, Victoria
7. Two become one. Marbella, Spain
8. Bevelled edge. Moscow, Russia
9. Three-fold. Austin, USA
10. Fire away. Devon, UK
11. Purely decorative. Russia
12. Arch rivalry. Charleston, USA
13. The pulley system. Sydney, NSW
14. Oval office. Salt Lake City, USA
15. Vanity. Calgary, Canada
16. More than expected. Esbjerg, Denmark
17. Arabesque alcove. Phoenix, USA
18. All in one. Melbourne, Victoria
19. Green in between. San Francisco, USA
20. I’ve been framed! Sydney, NSW
21. Hung up on you. Cleveland, USA
22. Flipping out. Sydney, NSW
23. Side storage. Phoenix, USA
24. Double whammy. Newcastle, NSW
25. You’re surrounded! Miami, USA
26. Hide and seek. Auckland, New Zealand
28. Follow the line. Odense, Denmark
29. A minor setback. Melbourne, Victoria
30. Door frames. Nice, France
31. Pillar of style. Gold Coast, Queensland
32. Illuminati. Rome, Italy
33. A view of you. Sydney, NSW
34. Overlap. Dublin, Ireland
35. Lean on me. Sydney, NSW
36. Through the looking glass. Singapore
37. Pebbled finish. Paris, France
38. Sizing up. Melbourne, Victoria
39. industrial delight. Malmo, Sweden
40. Double trouble. France
41. Sparkle, sparkle. Dublin, Ireland
42. Victorian elegance. London, UK
43. Illusion of space. New Orleans, USA
44. You old charmer. Malmo, Sweden

45. Warming up to it. London, UK