23 Ideas to Make Your Garden Fun for Children of Any Age


1. Where the wild things are. Hampshire, UK

2. On the up. San Francisco, USA

3. Stepping stones. Hertfordshire, UK

4. Tiny house. Sydney, NSW

5. Body work. Austin, USA

6. Zen meets play. London, UK

7. A slippery slope. Liverpool, UK
8. Sky high. UK

9. Play + ground. USA

10. A side act. Manchester, UK

11. Swing with it. Hertfordshire, UK

12. All in one. London, UK

13. It takes two. Austin, USA

14. Guess who. Austin, USA

15. The fun house. Hertfordshire, UK

16. Jungle + gym. London, UK

17. Tree house. London, UK

18. Obstacle course. Amsterdam, Netherlands
19. A tidy solution. London, U

20. Bring the inside out. Cambridgeshire, UK

21. Tucked away. London, UK
22. Glamping. Sydney, NS
23. Secret garden. San Francisco, USA